How to play on Omoka Rahisi Kenya Lottery

Omoka Rahisi Lottery has daily draws where 2 winners pocket KES 250,000 each.

How to play on Omoka Rahisi Kenya Lottery


About Omoka Rahisi Kenya

    1. Omoka Rahisi is a lottery platform in Kenya licensed by the Betting Control and Licensing Board (BCLB).
    2. Omoka Rahisi is owned by Omoka Rahisi Limited as per the BCLB record, with license number 0000860.



is Omoka Rahisi real?

    1. Omoka Rahisi is a real and legit lottery service, having been licensed by Kenya’s betting regulator.
    2. Omoka Rahisi also conducts lottery draws live on mainstream media, including NTV.



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Omoka Rahisi Kiss 100

    1. Presenters Jalang’o and Kamene headlined Omoka Rahisi Lottery.
    2. The duo who worked at Kiss 100 FM at the time joined Kenya’s NTV to host weekly draws of the Omoka Rahisi Lottery
    3. The weekly live draws were held on Sundays at 7:30 pm.
    4. Jalang’o has since left his profession as a radio presenter to vie in the 2022 Kenya general election.
    5. Miss Kamene Goro remained at Kiss 100 where she later teamed up with comedian Oga Obina for the morning show.



Omoka Rahisi email (contacts)

    1. Omoka Rahisi email:
    2. Click here for the Omoka Rahisi Twitter page.
    3. Omoka Rahisi helpline: 0725 155155
    4. Click here for the Omoka Rahisi Facebook page.



Omoka Rahisi paybill (404444)

Use the pay bill number 404444 to deposit on Omoka Rahisi.



How to play on Omoka Rahisi Lottery

You can simply play by sending KES 90 to Paybill number 404444. Follow these steps to play on Omoka Rahisi;

    1. Go to your M-PESA menu and select Lipa Na M-PESA.
    2. Proceed to pay bill and enter 404444 as the business number.
    3. Enter the word “Omoka” as the account number.
    4. Enter the deposit amount of KES 90.
    5. Input your M-PESA PIN and hit send.
    6. Wait for the live draw on NTV to know if you are a winner.



Omoka Rahisi draws

    1. Omoka Rahisi Lottery has daily draws where 2 winners pocket KES 250,000 each.
    2. Omoka Rahisi’s weekly Mega-mini draw has a KES 2 million prize.
    3. Omoka Rahisi also has a monthly draw where a winner takes away a KES 5 million prize.
    4. There is also a grand prize of KES 10 million to be won on Omoka Rahisi.



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Omoka Rahisi projects

    1. Omoka Rahisi Lottery is committed to several Corporate Responsibility Programs (CSR) in Kenyan schools.
    2. The aim is to uplift school hygiene standards among other important aspects.
    3. Amid the Covid-19 pandemic, Omoka Rahisi mobilized resources to boost food capacities and sanitation in various schools.
    4. Omoka Rahisi Lottery partnered with Kiss 100 FM on these projects.