22bet Cameroon Account Registration and Login

22bet Cameroon awards a 100% bonus on first deposits. The deposit bonus is awarded after you register your 22bet Cameroon account.

How to register and bet on 22bet Cameroon - Step by step guide
How to register and bet on 22bet Cameroon - Step by step guide [Photo/ Courtesy]

22bet Cameroon Account Registration and Login


Click here to register on 22bet Cameroon


Click here to login to 22bet Cameroon



In brief

    1. This article shares information about 22bet Cameroon registration and 22bet Cameroon login.
    2. We tell you about 22bet Cameroon Apk (App download), 22bet Cameroon partners, and 22bet Cameroon deposit.
    3. Read on for details on the 22bet Cameroon bonus, 22bet Cameroon bonus terms, and 22bet Cameroon casino.
    4. The article further touches on 22bet Cameroon deposit methods, 22bet Cameroon contacts, and 22bet Cameroon ESPORTS.
    5. Learn more about 22bet Cameroon free spins, 22bet Cameroon Friday bonus, and 22bet Cameroon games.



About 22bet Cameroon


Click here to register on 22bet Cameroon


    1. 22bet Cameroon is owned by Arcadia Hospitality LTD, licensed by The State of Cameroon, and represented by the Minister of Territorial Administration.
    2. 22bet Cameroon has sports betting and ESPORTS.
    3. Live betting is also available on 22bet Cameroon.


Is betting in Cameroon legal?

    1. Sports betting is legal provided you make use of a bookmaker that has been licensed by the Agençe de Régulation des Jeux.
    2. An increasing number of international bookmakers are acquiring licenses to operate in Cameroon, and Cameroon players can now bet online with a small selection of major bookmaker brands.
    3. If you’re in doubt about the legal status of an online bookmaker, contact your provincial regulatory board.



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22bet Cameroon Apk download (mobile App)

    1. Click here to download the 22bet Cameroon Apk for android.
    2. Click here to download the 22bet Cameroon iOS App
    3. Once downloaded, tap the file to install
    4. You may need to allow installation through settings
        1. Go to settings
        2. Go to security
        3. Find unknown sources
    5. Tap ‘Allow installation of apps from sources other than the Play Store’


22Bet Cameroon Registration

    1. Click here to register on 22bet Cameroon – use promo code 22_6330 to get a bonus.
    2. On 22bet Cameroon, you can either register with your phone number or choose the “Full Registration” option.
    3. We recommend that you select the “Full Registration” option, as it means you wouldn’t have to go through a different verification process.
    4. Your 22Bet Cameroon details are also safer, as they will be sent directly to your email address.
    5. When you choose “Full Registration” on 22bet Cameroon, you will be asked to provide the following information:
      1. Email
      2. Password
      3. Full Names
      4. Country
      5. Currency
    6. After filling in these details, click “Register” at the bottom of the form.
    7. You will receive an email confirming your registration. Follow the link in the mail to fully activate your account.



22bet Cameroon login

    1. Click here to access the 22bet Cameroon website.
    2. Tap on the “login” button at the top right-hand corner of the webpage.
    3. Key in your username and password and tap “login.”


22bet Cameroon partners

    1. 22bet Cameroon has an affiliate program called 22bet Partners.
    2. Under this program, 22bet Cameroon rewards for traffic contributed to their sports and casino platforms.
    3. The traffic is created by referring friends and people you know to the 22bet Cameroon website.
    4. Click here to sign up for 22bet Cameroon affiliates and earn more income from it. 


22bet Cameroon deposit (orange)

    1. Login to your 22bet Cameroon account.
    2. Proceed to the “My Account” section
    3. Click on Deposit.
    4. Choose a payment method
    5. Enter your preferred deposit amount and follow the instructions.


22bet Cameroon bonus

    1. 22bet Cameroon awards a 100% bonus on first deposits.
    2. The deposit bonus is awarded after you register your 22bet Cameroon account.
    3. Make a deposit of at least 650 XAF.
    4. The maximum amount awarded for this bonus is 65,000 XAF.


22bet Cameroon bonus code (promo code 22_6330)




22bet Cameroon bonus terms

The following are some of the 22bet bonus rules;

    1. You will not withdraw the bonus from 22bet Cameroon until the bonus is used in bets.
    2. Once the bonus is credited, it cannot be transferred between accounts.
    3. If the bonus is awarded for sports betting, you are required to wager at least 5 times the bonus amount in multi-bets.
    4. The multi bets should have not less than 3 games, with 1.50 odds or more for each game.
    5. The bonus must be used up within 7 days after it is given.



22bet Cameroon casino

22bet Cameroon does not have a casino.



22bet Cameroon booking code

A booking code enables you to keep your selections in order to bet on them at a later time. Here’s how you get a booking code;

    1. Login to your 22bet Cameroon account.
    2. Go to your preferred category, for example, the Live option for live betting.
    3. Make your predictions on your selected matches by clicking on the odds that correspond with your favored outcome.
    4. Review your selections on the bet slip
    5. Click the “Save” button at the top of the bet slip to generate a booking code.



22bet Cameroon deposit methods (payment methods)

    1. Visa
    2. Mastercards
    3. MTN Money
    4. Orange Money



How to delete a 22bet Cameroon account

    1. You can delete or deactivate your 22bet Cameroon account, you need to contact customer service.
    2. 22bet Cameroon contacts are shared below.



22bet Cameroon contacts

    1. Click here for 22bet Cameroon live chat.
    2. 22bet Cameroon email: support@22bet.cm 



22bet Cameroon bet slip check

    1. A bet slip code is used when you want to check your bets.
    2. 22bet Cameroon has a bet slip check function that allows you to track your bets.
    3. Visit the 22bet Cameroon website.
    4. Scroll to the bottom of the page.
    5. Click on the Bet slip check button.
    6. Enter the 22bet Cameroon bet slip number/code to search.



22bet Cameroon ESPORTS

    1. 22bet Cameroon ESPORTS is a simulation of real football leagues and games.
    2. In 22bet Cameroon ESPORTS, you have the same odds as those on real football matches.
    3. The teams assume pseudo-names for the gaming experience.
    4. Visit the 22bet Cameroon website
    5. Click on Sports Betting and proceed to ESPORTS.
    6. The steps to place a bet on 22bet Cameroon ESPORTS are the same as those given above.


22bet Cameroon code converter

    1. A code converter is a software that allows you to place a bet using a booking code from another betting website.
    2. Use the steps given above to get a booking code.
    3. Go to any code converter sites online and sign in (search code converter on Google)
    4. Enter the booking code you wish to convert
    5. Provide the site from which you want to convert the code from, as well as the new site where you want to place a bet.
    6. Click on the “Convert” button then proceed to “See conversion”
    7. Copy your new booking code and enter it into your chosen new site to place a bet.



22bet Cameroon free spins

22bet Cameroon casino is not yet available, hence no free spins.



22bet Cameroon Friday bonus

    1. 22bet Cameroon does not have a Friday bonus but it has a Saturday Reload bonus.
    2. You are required to place at least 3200 XAF in bets throughout the week.
    3. Make a deposit on Saturday using the promo code SRB.
    4. You will be given a 100% Free bet of up to 65,000 XAF.



22bet Cameroon games

    1. 22bet Cameroon features numerous games on a daily basis for players to bet on.
    2. Visit the 22bet Cameroon website to access and place bets on various sports.



22bet Cameroon headquarters

22bet Cameroon head office is in Yaoundé Cameroon.



How to use the 22bet Cameroon bonus

    1. Login to your 22bet Cameroon account
    2. Click on the Promotions tab at the top of the page
    3. You will find all available bonuses and offers displayed on the page.
    4. Choose one and click on the “Get bonus” button
    5. Follow the instructions to claim and use your bonus.



22bet Cameroon jobs

    1. 22bet Cameroon does not have a careers section, therefore, contact 22bet Cameroon for possible job openings.
    2. 22bet Cameroon contacts are shared above.



22bet Cameroon jackpot

22bet Cameroon does not currently have a jackpot.


How to play on 22bet Cameroon

    1. Live bets are placed on events or matches that are already in progress, while pre-match bets are bets placed before matches or events begin.
    2. The following guide covers both 22bet Cameroon live and pre-match bets:
        1. Login to your 22bet Cameroon account
        2. Go to your preferred category, for example, live betting.
        3. Make your predictions on your selected matches by clicking on the odds that correspond with your favored outcome.
        4. Review your selections on the bet slip
        5. Enter a stake amount and place your live bet or pre-match bet.


22bet Cameroon withdrawal

    1. Login to your 22bet Cameroon account
    2. Proceed to the “My Account” section
    3. Click on withdrawal.
    4. Choose a payment method and follow the instructions
    5. Remember that payouts are processed on the same methods used for deposits.
    6. Withdrawal time is almost instant, if there are prolonged delays contact 22bet Cameroon Customer support.


Why bet on 22bet Cameroon

    1. A variety of sports to bet on.
    2. Guaranteed payment of any winnings.
    3. The best deposit and withdrawal methods, include Mobile Money, Skrill, Kiwi, WebMoney, as well as cryptocurrency.
    4. Professional and helpful round-the-clock customer service. An individual approach to every customer.
    5. The ability to get the most relevant tips from other punters in 22bet Cameroon chat and forums.
    6. High odds and big winnings.
    7. Privacy protection and security.
    8. A wide selection of leagues allows you to test any of your football bet predictions.


What is a 22bet Cameroon chain bet?

    1. A chain bet is where you place successive unconnected bets at once.
    2. If you place a single bet, for instance, you will get exactly what you entered on the first option.
    3. Click here to place chain bets on 22bet Cameroon.



22bet Cameroon live bets

22bet Cameroon live bets are available 24 hours a day. For most sports, more than 30 markets are offered for each event, including bets on corners, yellow cards, free kicks, etc.


22bet Cameroon cash out

    1. 22bet Cameroon does not have cash out but it has a bet sale option.
    2. You can take out your money before the bet is settled by selling the bet slip back to the company.
    3. Go to your 22bet Cameroon account then Bet History to access the service.
    4. The service applies to single bets, multi/accumulator bets, and system bets.



22bet Cameroon minimum stake (€0.10)

The 22bet Cameroon minimum stake on any single selection is €0.10.

22bet Cameroon maximum winnings (€500,000)

The maximum winning per customer is limited to €100,000 per bet, €250,000 per day & €500,000 per week.



Is 22bet Cameroon safe?

22bet is a trusted bookmaker worldwide and is licensed in Cameroon.



22bet Cameroon alternative

    1. 22bet is not restricted in Cameroon. You can access it on the 22bet Cameroon website.
    2. There is no need for alternative or mirror links.
    3. If you are having access problems with your browser, download the 22bet Uganda App from the links provided above.



How to rebet on 22bet Cameroon

    1. Rebet is a feature that allows you to quickly reload open selections and place a bet again.
    2. Login to your account to rebet
    3. Go to the Bet slip check button.
    4. Find the active bet that you want to rebet on the Bet History
    5. Go to the “Ticket/bet Details” page by clicking on the desired ticket.
    6. Click on the green “Rebet” button.



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Sports available on 22bet Cameroon

22bet Cameroon Sportsbook includes over 1,000 events daily. You can bet on a variety of popular sports:

    1. Football
    2. Tennis
    3. Basketball
    4. Volleyball
    5. Ice hockey
    6. Golf
    7. Boxing
    8. Handball
    9. American football
    10. Hockey
    11. Baseball
    12. Table tennis
    13. Biathlon
    14. Aussie rules
    15. Bandy.
    16. Cricket
    17. Snooker
    18. Formula 1
    19. Cycling
    20. Ski jumping
    21. Curling
    22. Floorball
    23. Inline hockey
    24. Water polo


22bet is also available in the following countries

    1. 22bet Angola
    2. 22bet Czech Republic
    3. 22bet Botswana
    4. 22bet Malawi
    5. 22bet Niger
    6. 22bet Senegal
    7. 22bet Morocco
    8. 22bet Zambia
    9. 22bet South Africa
    10. 22 bet Rwanda
    11. 22bet Tanzania
    12. 22bet Nigeria
    13. 22bet Uganda
    14. 22bet Kenya
    15. 22bet Ethiopia


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