How to register and bet on Throne Bet Tanzania – Step by step guide

How to register and bet on Throne Bet Tanzania - Step by step guide
How to register and bet on Throne Bet Tanzania - Step by step guide [Photo/ Courtesy]


Throne Bet Tanzania registration – Online registration details on Throne Bet Tanzania are coming soon. Meanwhile, you can learn more about the bookmaker via their website.


About Throne Bet

Throne Bet Tanzania registration – Online registration details on Throne Bet Tanzania are coming soon. Meanwhile, you can learn more about the bookmaker via their website.

Throne Bet was founded in April 2015 and over the ensuing years it has grown to become one of the leading sports betting companies in the country. Its mode of operation is, however, more conventional than contemporary. Punters have to physically visit the actual Throne Bet branches in order to place their bets. However, there is good news as Throne Bet Tanzania wants to start operating an online betting platform soon.

Throne Bet Tanzania is licensed to operate under the Gaming Board of Tanzania.


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Throne Bet Tanzania registration

Online registration details on Throne Bet Tanzania are coming soon.

Throne Bet Tanzania bonuses and promotions

Although Throne Bet is an offline betting platform, it offers customers a chance to benefit from generous bonuses and ongoing promotions. Boost your bankroll with the new bonuses up to 300% bonus and bet up to 40 matches on your ticket. The maximum payout for this bonus is 30 000 000 TZS.

Throne Bet Tanzania app download

Unlike many other leading sports betting sites in Tanzania, Throne bet doesn’t have an application for mobile devices. Their establishment is to provide sports betting enthusiasts with various things to choose from, including the odds for the available sports, the official match results, live score, bonuses, and more. All these goodies are available only at Throne Bet shops in Dar es Salaam.

Throne Bet Tanzania sports bets

As one of the rules of betting in Tanzania, Throne bet accepts 18-year-olds and above only. The least you can bet is 500 TZS, and the maximum is 30,000 000 TZS. Note that one event cannot be played twice on the same ticket. Here are some of the rules of the sport that you need to know before you start to bet at Throne Bet Tanzania;

Accepting Rules: Football bets are settled at full time – 90 minutes. This includes the time added for injuries and other stoppages in the game. However, extra time or penalty shootouts are not included. In the betting layout, the home team is placed on the left and the away team on the right-hand side.

Time for Accepting Bets: The bets can be accepted up to the starting time of an event only.

Abandoned Events: All the bets are canceled if the football match is abandoned before the 90th minute.

Postponed Events: In the event where a match is postponed and not played within 24 hours, all the bets will be nullified by the operator.

Winning Bet Ticket: This is a ticket where all events are affected. The winning amount is calculated by multiplying the stake and odds of the games on the bet slip.

Payments: The operator pays all winning tickets immediately after the last event has been completed and not longer than three days. Note that the payment is made only at the shop where the bet was made. The original ticket you were given is the only proof of ownership of the bet.


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Betting on Throne Bet Tanzania

In order to bet with Throne Bet, sports punters have to visit one of the Throne Bet branches. Once at the station, the better buys a ticket for the available fixtures and wait for the game to end in order to determine whether they have won or not. There are quite a number of Throne Bet fixtures for its customers to choose from. Fixtures are shown on screens at the Throne Bet branches. Bettors will choose from the available fixtures and buy tickets for such tickets for which they want to place a bet.

The company offers around 100 betting odds for over 300 sports events daily. At any given time, Throne Bet offers more than 60 standard football betting odds and more than 40 odds for other sports activities from around the globe. Some of the sports in their standard offers include football, volleyball, basketball, ice hockey, tennis, rugby, baseball, and many more.

Football bets are settled within normal time i.e. 90 minutes of play plus additional extra time for stoppages and injuries. However, the bet does not extend to cover the scheduled extra time and penalty shootouts unless the customer had placed a special outright price for such a scenario.

Throne Bet Tanzania payment

Payment for the winning ticket is paid immediately after the end of the last sports event on that respective ticket and not later than 3 days. The customer must collect his/her winnings within 60 days of failure to which the ticket becomes invalid. Payments are made only at the branch where the ticket was bought. In order for the payment to be made, customers must present the original ticket as proof of ownership of that particular win. Copies of the ticket are not acceptable.


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Throne Bet Tanzania branches

So far, there are over 32 Throne Bet branches in Dar es Salaam alone and still expanding. Here is a list of the Throne Bet branches and their locations:

  1. Bugurumi Branch, along the Nelson Mandela Road
  2. Gongolamboto Branch, near the Julius Nyerere Airport
  3. Ilala Branch, along the junction of Kigogo Rd and Tabora Rd
  4. Kariakoo Branch, along Aggrey Street
  5. Kinondoni Branch, Along the Kawawa Rd near Kasaba St
  6. Keko Branch, along Kigogo Rd, near Miburani
  7. Manzese Branch, at Masenze center
  8. Mtongani Branch, at Mbagala Kuu
  9. Mwananyamala Branch, at Ilemela St
  10. Mwenge Branch, near the junction between Sam Nujoma Rd and Bagamoyo Rd.
  11. Sinza Branch, along Shekilango Rd.
  12. Tabata Branch, near Mawenzi Bus Stop
  13. Tandale Branch, tandale
  14. Tandika Branch, near Sudani Bus Sto, Mbagala Rd
  15. Tiptop Branch, near Chama Bus Stop along Morogoro Road
  16. Ubungo Branch
  17. Vingunguti Branch, along Hai Rd
  18. Buza Branch, near Njia Panda Ya Kitunda Bus Stop on your way to Kanisani Bus Stop
  19. Msasani Branch, near Msasani Center
  20. Magomeni Branch, Near Wazazi Street

Throne Bet Tanzania casino

Throne Bet in Uganda has not yet developed a casino service.

Throne Bet Tanzania customer care contacts

Throne Bet Tanzania offers the customer a chance to forward their complaints or suggestions in different ways. To access the support service, click on the ‘Contact’ button on the menu bar, and a page will open with options to enter your name, email, and the message you wish to send. The telephone numbers that you can use to reach the customer support agents include:

  • +255 713085307
  • +255 713085307
  • +255 783552816
  • +255 718208143


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