The talented Robert Prosinečki

The talented midfielder was once observed by representatives from Real Madrid. They eventually signed Prosinečki in 1991, where he became a Los Blancos legend.

Robert Prosinečki

The talented Robert Prosinečki


If the country of Yugoslavia had continued existing, it could have fielded an incredible national team. During the 1990s and early 2000s, the countries that formed that union had some incredible players to offer. In the case of Croatia, they had Robert Prosinečki, who is probably one of the best players ever from his country. The Croatian team can offer great performances, and when visiting 1xBet – popular betting companies in Nigeria , fans can bet on all their matches.


In total, Prosinečki played professionally between 1986 and 2005. He played on multiple squads from Yugoslavia, Croatia, Spain and even England. The 1xBet Nigeria website is a popular betting company in the country, and it has all the matches from the Spanish La Liga.


Robert Prosinečki


A great club career

Prosinečki started his career in Dinamo Zagreb. However, after a single season he moved to Red Star Belgrade, where he became a very popular figure. The website features all the matches from the Croatian and Serbian Leagues, with tons of wagering competitions.


The talented midfielder was observed by representatives from Real Madrid. They eventually signed Prosinečki in 1991. He played in the Spanish capital until 1995. However, during that year he consolidated himself as a legend of Los Blancos. After Real Madrid, Prosinečki moved to other squads, such as:


  • Barcelona;
  • Sevilla;
  • Croatia Zagreb;
  • and also Portsmouth.


In his return to his native Croatia, the player was extremely successful. Eventually, he decided to retire in 2005. The 1xBet website offers the chance to wager on the highly talented Croatian national squad.

An international career played in two squads

Robert Prosinečki played for not one but two national squads. Between 1989 and 1991, he played 15 matches and scored four goals for Yugoslavia. After this country collapsed and was divided into different nations, he became part of the newly created Croatian football team. Fans can visit the in order to enjoy games while awaiting matches of this excellent European team.


In Croatia, he scored 10 goals in 49 matches. It should also be noted that while playing for Yugoslavia, he participated in the 1990 FIFA World Cup. Later, with Croatia, he took part in the 1998 and 2002 editions of the tournament. The FIFA World Cup is very popular, and prior to the beginning of its next edition, it is possible to try the great games at the 1xBet casino.